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Our 2018 Mentoring Programme

As part of Women in Law Hong Kong’s commitment to enhancing the profiles, skills and networking opportunities of women in the legal field, we are delighted to launch, for the third year running, the WILHK Mentoring Programme. This year's programme builds upon the learnings and successes from the previous two years, and is focused on empowering participants with confidence, support network and key skills to navigate and grow their careers. Apply today and be a part of the Women in Law Hong Kong Mentoring Programme Class of 2018!


What the professionals say:


         We have to do something about female attrition in private practice - across the industry we are bleeding female talent every year. The WILHK programme is, so far as I am aware, unique – it gives a young female lawyer the opportunity to seek impartial advice and guidance from someone she trusts without that advice being prejudiced by organisational baggage. This is why I wanted to get involved. If I can help just one person stay in the industry and make private practice more diverse, it will be worthwhile. – Allan Wardrop (2016 and 2017 Mentor)


         As a mentor I find it fascinating to see how this generation deals with people - it's very different. There truly is a generational gap;  it's not just gender but culture and age plays a role too. One of the most important skills you can acquire is to learn to relate to very different people with whom it seems you have no chemistry. – Erika Evasdottir (2016 and 2017 Mentor)

View testimonials of how the 2016 and 2017 programmes have made a difference to past participants:
Interview with Michelle Luk and Gwenlynne Lee (2016 Mentor/Mentee pair)

Interview with Erika Evasdottir (2016 and 2017 Mentor)

Interview with Susan Wong (2017 WILHK Mentoring Vice Chair)

Interview with Eliza Chen (2017 Mentee)

Interview with Jennifer Wu (2017 Mentee)

Click here to view what our workshop facilitators are about to offer.

Our Criteria for Mentors and Mentees

  • Mentors (male or female) who have at least ten years of work experience (with substantial exposure in the legal field or to the challenges faced by legal professionals and legal service firms)


  • Mentees (female) who have approximately three to five years of work experience in the legal field

  • Willingness to commit to full participation in the WILHK Mentoring Programme

  • Dedication to listening and learning from each other

  • Participants have identified specific goals that they would like to achieve

  • Adherence to confidentiality to ensure a Mentor/Mentee relationship of trust


Application forms for Mentors and Mentees can be downloaded from the two links directly below.

To apply please submit the completed application form together with latest CV and a recent photo to Please submit your application by 4 March 2018.


If you have any questions, or are wondering if WILHK Mentoring is right for you, get in touch by emailing

Our Key Dates

4 March 2018

Application deadline

w/c 26 March 2018

Announcement of successful programme participants

19 April 2018 (6.15-8.15pm)

Matching event #1

3 May 2018 (6.30-8pm)

Matching event #2

31 May 2018 (6:30-8pm)

Skills workshop #1

"Successful mentoring in practice: How to make the most of the mentor/mentee relationship" by Sarah Stone (Click here to view what Sarah is going to share with us.)

28 June 2018 (Lunch)

Skills workshop #2

"Networking for Success" by Carole Lewis (Click here to view what Carole is going to share with us.)

5 July 2018 (Lunch)

Lean-in circle #1

Ben Cooper to lead

September 2018 (Lunch)

Skills workshop #3

13 September 2018 (Evening)

Skills workshop #3

"Difficult conversations and how to make them easier" by Dr. Andy Lowe (Click here to view what Carole is going to share with us.)  

November 2018 (Evening)

Closing drinks

10 October 2018 (Lunch)

Lean-in circle #2

Lead by Cori and Stephen Lable

November 2018 (Evening)

Closing drinks

2018 Mentoring Programme Sponsors

Please contact if you are interested in being a sponsor.

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